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Sudden Deafness

Sudden Deafness

17 Dec 2020

Sudden deafness, technically known as ISSNHL (idiopathic sudden sensori neural hearing loss )  is a condition wherein there is unexplained rapid loss of hearing occurring at once or over a few days . 

It is usually one sided and should be treated as a medical emergency. 

A simple test called pure tone audiogram helps us to provide a quick diagnosis . 

Some patients complain of accompanying giddiness or ringing sound in the ears . 

This hearing loss is potentially reversible when treatment is instituted quickly , preferably within 72 hours of onset .

The mainstay of treatment is corticosteroid therapy instituted orally , as intra venous injections or occasionally into the ear (injection into middle ear space ) 

So it’s important to seek medical attention when one experiences sudden decrease in the acuity of hearing in the absence of colds or infections / wax in the ear .

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