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International Patient Services At Datta's Speciality E.N.T. center

At Datta's Speciality E.N.T. Center, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and personalized medical solutions to our international patients. Our comprehensive range of service is tailored to ensure your comfort, convenience, and successful treatment journey.

International Patient Services

  • Medical advice and appointments prior to travel and admission
  • Flight bookings and airport transfer services
  • Emergency care and routine medical services
  • Visa assistance
  • Arrangements for Special Dietary needs
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Cost estimate guidance and medical financial consultation
  • Cashless treatments through Insurance

Range of Specialized Treatments

Global Excellence in Care

Patients from major cities across the world trust Dr. Susheen Dutt and our specialized team for their medical needs. Our commitment to excellence, advanced technology, and compassionate care make us a preferred choice for international patients seeking world-class treatment.

Join the ranks of satisfied patients who have found healing and renewed hope at Datta’s Speciality E.N.T Centre. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards better health and well-being.

Datta’s Speciality E.N.T Centre

Datta's Speciality E.N.T Centre

The clinic offers state of the art video endoscopic ENT consultation, which enables quick diagnosis and treatment planning. The clinic also provides comprehensive hearing and speech services such as audiometry, tympanometry, Oto Acoustic Emission (OAE), Auditory BrainstemEvoked Response (ABER), Hearing Aids and Tinnitus management.

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