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I visited Dr Susheen Dutt on 1st Feb 2022 for vertigo problem. He listened to all my symptoms patiently and referred me to a vertigo and balance expert. He could have just given few medicines like most doctors do, but he showed interest to find the root cause of my problems. I highly recommend Dr Susheen.

"I had a history of ear pain and discharges for many years. Doctor diagnosed the problem and conducted the required surgery successfully and guided me patiently and with care and concern through the pre and post-operative periods. He listens to your concerns and explains everything with utmost clarity."

"Dr. Susheen has been my go to doctor for any ENT related issues in my family. He is very good and patiently listens to all your issues. Very conservative in prescribing medicines which I like. Highly recommended him."


"I had visited Doctor for my ear problem, a sort of vestibular imbalance or vertigo. He is too friendly and very convincing. He does not prescribe medicines for the heck of it. I am extremely happy with the Doctor and recommend anyone with any type of ear related medical problems.."


"One of the best ENT Surgeon in Bangalore. Clinic infrastructure is very pleasant, systematic and well organised. Thank you Doctor."


Thank you!


"Yet to come across a specialist Doctor so caring compassionate considerate to say the least charming. Not sure whether the drugs work or not but your soothing words seems to work magic, wonder indeed. Unmistakable professional touch can’t be missed. Envy Bangaloreans for their good luck in being able to get your invaluable services. May your ilk bloom."


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